Thursday, May 14, 2009


Trevor was playing with Alexa tonight and I came over to watch. Trevor says "show mommy your new trick" and then he lifted her up by her knees, her head came up, she looked at me and ...

This was no fluke. She did it several times, the above video being about the 4th. Before now she would usually only wave at herself in the mirror. I think she finally figured out what it meant.

Along with this adorable new trick her first tooth finally broke the surface, she started crawling (about 3 weeks ago) and she pulls herself to a standing position anywhere she possibly can (about 1 week ago).

It's hard to believe her first birthday is only 1 month & 5 days away. She has continued to develop & grow normally (she weighs about 14.5 lbs), stay healthy, and make everyone who sees her smile. She has brought joy to our lives that we never knew existed. What a blessing it has been to have such a beautiful, happy, healthy baby despite her rough beginning. She truly is a special daughter of God.