Sunday, November 1, 2009


By the time we got to Trevor's work to go trick-or-treating Alexa was out cold. We couldn't wake her up for a good 10 min.

After her nap she was rearing to go - our adorable little giraffe. In case you couldn't tell.

We had a hard time keeping her focused on getting the candy. She kept running wherever she could find to go in the opposite direction of mom and dad. She thought it was pretty funny as you can see from the photo below when we caught up to her.

We all had a good time watching her take on this new experience. By the end of Halloween night she was bound and determined to carry her own basket. Trevor tried to take from her, but she wouldn't have it.
Little more of an update: Earlier this week she identified on demand her eyes, nose, ears, and teeth. Instead of pointing to her teeth she runs her tongue over them. Last week she started saying "baby" - it took her just a few tries before she could say it very clearly. Her feisty little personality is really starting to shine and she shows us new things she's catching onto every day.
Children are so much work but oh so worth it. :D

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