Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Month Later

Well, our camera has yet to be replaced, but here I am with another update exactly 1 month later. Trevor posted a new picture of Alexa on FB so that will have to do, again.

My due date has changed to Oct. 2 which I was completely thrilled to find out. We're pretty sure it's a boy from an ultrasound taken at 14 weeks, but will have our official ultrasound on May 26th. An ultrasound was done early due to some unexpected bleeding that started Apr. 2. After an exam and ultrasound it was determined that some blood vessels, that were close the cervix, may have ruptured. I was told to resume life as usual - which I was grateful for after having spent 2 days flat on my back. So thankful for a sweet husband and in-laws to take good care of me, and Alexa, and pretty much all my responsibilities while I couldn't. I have not had any complications since and everything seemed to be going well at my last appointment.

This experience helped us realize what a precious gift it is to be able to have another baby and how fragile life really is. What an amazing privilege our Heavenly Father has allowed us to experience. I also realized how attached a mother can be to a baby at such an early stage, something I didn't feel when I was pregnant with Alexa or relate to others who have experienced miscarriage. My heart goes out to them.

We tried potty training and it actually went better than expected. She still doesn't always tell us when she needs to go so we eventually went back to diapers. Perhaps another month and she just might get it. As smart as she is this seems to be a difficult thing for her to grasp - or maybe it's just a matter of caring.

Bedtime is now a much better experience. Most nights we can put her in bed and she stays - sometimes I'll hear her singing Primary songs to herself until she falls asleep. Something that puts a smile on my face no matter my mood.

Alexa is extremely observant of the little things and has helped me try to pay attention to those things.

I'm constantly reminded of the innocence and love of a child. Alexa is always very concerned with other people, she often recognizes when something is wrong and will ask, "what's wrong, mommy?" with the deepest of sincerity. What a special spirit we've been blessed with.