Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She Laughed!!

This video was purely by accident. I was trying to catch her rolling over - which she hasn't quit figured out yet - and she started laughing. (Don't mind my voice in the background.) For the last week or so she smiles and acts like she's trying to laugh but nothing comes out - finally it did and how cute is that!?! This video was taken just a few minutes ago - that's how adorable I thought it was and couldn't wait for everyone else to see her newest trick.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Adorable Little Copycat

A few weeks ago, the first weekend in Oct., Alexa started copying me when I stuck out my tongue at her. Trevor didn't believe me at first, but then she did it when he was watching and he was convinced that she knew what she was doing. It was super cute. So, now we have it on video along with her adorable "talking" and very animated facial expressions. (She also started drooling and blowing bubbles with it about the same time.)

This is Trevor & Alexa's other new trick - Trevor balances her on one had to see how long she can stay there. She tries to sit up a little, but usually ends up slumped over. Here's a video to demonstrate.

And yet another trick - we see how long she can stand up without trying to sit down. The video I took was taped sideways so we'll have to try again.

Alexa with her Grandpa Petersen.

For Family Night we decided to do a little canning. In the process we noticed that Alexa was about the same size as a #10 can. The family got a kick out of the comparison. There are several more pictures with her and the cans on the web album.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Happy Little Girl

How could you not think she's the most adorable thing you've ever seen? You'd never know she was fussy right before I took the picture. It was like she knew she was getting her picture taken.

Alexa is still enjoying our morning walks; it's probably b/c she gets to be carried in the sling most of the time. She's also decided that her pacifier is not for her - she'd rather lick her blanket as she falls asleep instead. I haven't figured that one out yet.

I'm getting excited about her laughing soon, well, who knows when that will be but she smiles so much sometimes it's like she's trying to laugh but nothing comes out.

Don't forget to check out the web album. We've added more pictures (they may not be in order) and videos.
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What a Blessing

Melissa, Alexa, Analla, & Caroline on Alexa's blessing day.
Trevor was very nervouse but he gave Alexa the most beautiful and special blessing. There were many who shed some tears. I know I'm her mom, but the spirit was very strong and we knew how special this little girl is and how much she means to her Heavenly Father. It was no accident that He wanted her here on earth at the exact time He sent her. During the blessing I felt a lot of the same feelings rush through me that I had during the time Alexa was in the NICU, peace and comfort that she will live a wonderful life, and the knowledge of the overwhelming love that surrounds our little family.
It was so nice to have both of our families there and many of our wonderful friends.
Life couldn't be better for our little family.

Alexa and Trevor listening to General Conference.

Alexa smiling at her mommy.

Alexa is now smiling a lot more - mostly right after she's eaten. Now that she's 10 days from being 4 months, she's somewhere past 7 lbs (haven't weighed her for a few weeks) and seems to be getting longer by the day. She's still in Newborn diapers (it's just about time to graduate to the next size though) and still wearing Preemie clothes. We tried some Newborns on her and they are still too big, but the Preemies are getting a little short. She started sleeping a lot more and only waking up once at night (well, on the good nights).

It's been so fun to see her start to interact more. She likes it when we sing to her, but books are still not enough entertainment.
She watched her first movie a few nights ago, Cars, she liked the parts with a lot of car noises and lights, other than that she wasn't amused.
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